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Todd Goodman Art

Conozco La Madre

Conozco La Madre

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"Conozco La Madre" - Original art by Todd Goodman, Acrylic Painting on 36"x48" canvas. Prints are available on glossy poster or gallery wrapped canvas. Original for sale, see below.

My vision as an artist is rooted deeply in my social/political world view, and this series represents a return to my core motivations and passions, particularly advocating for conscious acceptance and action to address climate change. I hope that this series will provoke an awareness and appreciation for the state of our natural world, and the role that humans play in shaping our environment by way of how we live and interact with nature. There will always be some element in the painting to draw attention to what I consider the biggest culprit to exacerbate climate change, the fossil fuel industry. 

"Conozco La Madre" is the third installment in my painting series on the subject of climate change and rising sea levels. Conozco, the formal Spanish word meaning, "I know" and La Madre, meaning "the mother." In the painting, I use the brand CONOCO to represent the fossil fuel industry, firstly because they are the largest and wealthiest oil company in the world. Climate scientist have made clear that the greatest contributor to global warming and rising sea levels is humanity's continued exploitation and combustion of fossil fuels, namely petroleum. 

My focus in this series is to highlight costal cities and iconic landscapes and scenery of major costal cities, and to interpret how these places may be changed physically by rising sea levels. I recognize the duality of this subject, on the one hand I am depicting the destruction of civilization, while on the other hand I recognize that life is a cycle, life will continue, and life and nature will still be beautiful and enjoyable for humanity even if we are unable to get our acts together to mitigate our pressing climate problems. 

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