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Todd Goodman Art



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Original art by Todd Goodman, Acrylic Painting on 48"x36" canvas, SOLD. Prints are available as Gallery Wrapped Canvas and Posters

This painting depicts the iconic Windward Ave/Pacific Ave intersection in Venice Beach, California. In my mind, Venice is the heart and soul of the West Side, and no nickname better represents a hood better than Dogtown. It's kinda rough around the edges to say the least. It's got a bark and a bite to match, but only when you show it fear. Approach Venice with an open heart and an open mind; it's full of love and joy, freaks and geeks, bold ideas and endless creativity. It's food for the soul. The best way to enjoy yourself in Venice is to think and act like a dog, and you'll fit in just fine. Now let me smell your backside! Woof!

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