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Todd Goodman Art



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Original art by Todd Goodman, mixed media painting on 48"x36" canvas. This painting includes acrylic paint, spray paint, gold and silver leaf as well as faux crystals. Prints are available as Gallery Wrapped Canvas and Posters. 

Playing on my original "Dogtown" painting, this painting is inspired by and includes many elements in reference to the world of cryptocurrency, NFT's, socio-economic realities of life in Los Angeles during the Covid Pandemic, ie massive influx of homeless encampments particularly in Venice Beach. Although I'm a supporter of the crypto/NFT movement, I am aware of and continue to be critical of the dark and corrupt financial forces playing in the space, as well as the "hype" and "social media influencer" games that are played in the space, taking advantage of everyday people just trying to scrape by. I believe there is tremendous positive potential for humanity with these new technologies, and at the same time, we must be aware of and vigilant against the dark forces that always try to corrupt anything that is good and just.

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