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Todd Goodman Art

Infinite Equality

Infinite Equality

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Original art by Todd Goodman, Acrylic Painting on 36"x36" canvas. Prints are available on glossy poster or framed canvas. Original painting is for sale.

Infinite Equality is one of my first conceptual abstract paintings. I describe it as a meditation piece. Specifically, I designed and painted this piece in 2013 when the United States Supreme Court was debating its ruling on Marriage Equality for all citizens, providing equal rights to both straight and gay Americans. The geometric patern of this painting is loosely based on the concept of the Golden Ratio, which is found throughout nature in spiral designs, and is based on an infinite and unending number similar to the concept of Pi. I chose to incorporate this design to symbolize what I believe is the infinite power of love to overcome all evil, prejudice and oppression in the world. Love is love is love, and all of humanity should be able to freely and equally express their love, even in marriage. 

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